Two years ago, I decided to write a short-term blog. The blog was to have tracked the daily progress of a new piece from start to finish, documenting all the steps forward and backward (and sideways) that inevitably accompany such projects. It was going to be detailed and honest. It was going to be instructive and introspective. It was going to push my daily work ethic at the service of an imaginary, invisible audience. Life intervened, though, and that blogging idea lay dormant, waiting for the moment when stars would perfectly align to allow both time in the studio and time for reflection thereon. Now, finally, that time has arrived. At least, from this vantage point twenty-four hours in advance of my intended start date, the time will have arrived tomorrow.

(I frantically knock on wood and cross my fingers in superstitious anti-jinxing fashion as I type the above sentence).

I plan to document each day’s work via words and images. I will provide step-by-step demonstrations of my technical processes; anyone will be able to follow along, Bob Ross style. I will also reflect on my decision-making and the ideas driving my work; it has been entirely too long since I have truly critically evaluated the why. In the end, I intend to have produced: a new piece with which I am reasonably satisfied; an archive of that piece’s evolution; and momentum carrying me forward into the blissful months ahead of absolute studio devotion.

T Minus Twenty-Four Hours | 2014 | Reflection