Within a few more days, this piece will be finished and this little blog project will have reached its conclusion. When I first envisioned this undertaking, I assumed it would be a three-week mission. Instead, I have passed the two-month mark. I didn’t realize in advance that I would generate a project requiring this many hundreds of tiny parts, or that it would need more painting than any other piece I have ever made.

I thought blogging would be a simple, effective and efficient way to document my process, and I’m delighted that I now have this readily accessible record on my website. I thought it would serve as extra motivation to push myself hard in the studio, and indeed I’ve powered through exhaustion at times when I might otherwise have succumbed to a nap. I thought it would be a means for critically analyzing my work, and I have, in fact, reached multiple epiphanies about both my abandoned house series and—unexpectedly—my French knots. I also thought it could be a good way to publicize my work, when self-promotion is my absolute least favorite part of this art-making job. And now, I wonder: is anybody out there? I know there are ways for more digitally-adept people to delve into their websites’ innards and sleuth out just how many people are visiting and how they arrived; I, however, barely stumbled through the site-building process in the first place and certainly lack the skills to do any innards-delving. So, if you have been following along in any part of this project, I would love for you to drop me a quick line using the “contact” link above. Let me know if you would like to be added to my e-mail list (though I have never actually sent out an e-mail newsletter or anything of that ilk), or, put your tangible mail address in the body of the message if you would like to be on my actual mailing list (and I do on occasion send out real, solid postcards).

Day Sixty-One: Is Anybody Out There? | 2014 | Uncategorized