• Abandoned House Quilts (2011-present)
Abandoned House Quilts (2011-present)

These mixed media works are driven by my obsession with abandoned houses. Each tells the visual story of a present place, and my imaginings of its past.

Trading Time (2015-present)

After making thousands (and tens of thousands [and hundreds of thousands]) of French knots, the last logical frontier is to bring my French knot masses to the masses. I now teach knots to anyone willing to learn, then offer my knots in exchange for theirs at the conclusion of the lesson.

French Knots for Trade (2014-present)

Building on my ongoing interest in the French knot as physical embodiment of the work of the hand, these pieces are offered up for trade for goods and services, the ultimate commodification of the art-making process.

French Knots with The Assistant  (2010)

I wonder about the true value in art/ craft/ design. Is it in the artist's hand? Or in the end product? Or in the process? These works are the physical manifestation of that questioning.

French Knots (2010-present)

Each piece in this series answers the inevitable question (in a most compulsive manner): Just how many French knots are in that thing? Their frames are intentionally as ridiculous as their making.

Graffiti Quilts (2010)

Graffiti exists--both metaphorically and literally--in close proximity with my beloved abandoned houses. They share the same space and the same narrative anonymity.

Mantra (2007-ongoing)

Somehow, I have managed to convince otherwise highly intelligent people to voluntarily make my work for me.

Mixed Media Quilts (2005-2009)

Teacups, dolls, beaded necklaces, wigs, eyeglasses. These are the objects of intimate interaction that get left behind and litter my mixed media quilts.

Altered Embroideries (2005-2006)

I salvage these cast-off hand-crafts from thrift stores and expand on the originals. I let these embroideries speak to me and through me, and tell stories their original creators never intended.